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Friday, June 21 2024 @ 12:38 pm EDT

Web Site Redux!

General NewsWell, it's been a long time in coming, but we have finally completed our web site overhaul! Our new site is intended to be an interactive one, where registered users can post articles, comments, events, and general to-do about astronomy. Anyone can register on the site. Registration gives you an individual user ID and password - registered users will be able to post stories, articles, photos, and events as they come along, and everyone (even non-registered users) may post their comments.

Major changes will be heralded with a broadcast e-mail message to all registered users, and we'll be able to have several of our long-time members act as moderators.

Nothing will be posted without one of us first reviewing and approving it (we can control how much or how little access is available for each member.) Dues-paying AOAS members can also have their own AOAS.ORG e-mail address, and several other goodies not available to non-dues-paying members (those who register, but don't pay AOAS dues.)

As time goes on, we will be adding new features (time & work schedules permitting). Additional features currently in the planning stages include:

  • A photo gallery, where registered users may upload and display their latest photos,
  • News feeds from various agencies such as NASA, the European Space Agency, etc.,
  • A personal journal for paid members where they can post their observing notes, as well as other commentary regarding their personal viewing efforts.

We hope the new site overhaul will make it easier for you to keep up with club activities, as well as to post your own observations, philosophies, jokes, news, etc. We want this to be an active site, and not the stale, unused one of the past. Register today so you can begin making your own contributions!

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Web Site Redux!
Authored by: dgrosvold onFriday, June 27 2003 @ 09:36 pm EDT
I have added a few minor changes yet again to enhance the overall appearance of the site. I believe this round of updates gives our web site a more polished, professional appearance. Thanks everyone for your continued support.

Dave Grosvold
Exploring the universe...
Exploring the depths...
Exploring the unknown.

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