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Past Construction

Coleman ObservatoryConstruction of the present Coleman Observatory was started in 1995 at the site NW of Van Buren. At the time, club fundswere low and active members were few, but we were dedicated. What follows is a note from our old web site showing the construction phase in 1995...

"Construction at the observing site is underway, with the concrete for the bathrooms, and the first two of three planned 10 x 10 foot, roll-off-roof observatory buildings, and one 5 x 5 foot individual observing pad. We now have the bathroom almost finished with only some trim to install, painting and a water line to run. The end is in sight for the bathroom and we can turn our attention to the construction of a building with a roll off roof to house our 13 inch Dob which has recoated optics and will be put together this winter. Our President, Joe Roam volunteered to take this on as a winter project."
Bathroom formed up and ready for plumbing.
Clockwise from left: Joe Roam, Chuck Larson, Andrew Kasprowicz, Charlie McClain, and Bob Moody. Telescope pad formed up and ready for concrete.
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Current Construction
Authored by: bobmoody onFriday, June 20 2003 @ 10:40 pm EDT
Just to let everyone know, we\'ll be finishing the bathroom facility by the first of July! The facility will be used as a bathroom/library for the immediate future, as the partition within the structure allows. We may someday utilize the structure as a mens/womens facility since the plumbing is in place for that, but for now, the north end of the building will be used as a library to house our books and other materials. The south end will be our bathroom.
With the advent of remote observing, we will also be able to use the library section as a control room for members who have the capability for remote operation of their scopes outside the facility this winter. With some of the newer products for image gathering, such as the \"video eyepiece\" offered by Orion Telescopes and others (around $100-$150) we will be able to view an image from a telescope within the comfort of the library room on a video monitor.

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