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Sunday, July 21 2024 @ 09:21 pm EDT

Join Coleman Observatory For An Historic Moment

Coleman ObservatoryIf you'd like to witness the exact moment of Mars' closest point to Earth since 57,618 BC at the eyepiece of your telescope, come to Coleman Observatory and join me for an all-nighter on August 26th and 27th!

UPDATE: August 27, 7:45 pm - Last night about 75 to 80 people came to Coleman Onservatory to share a moment in history with me. I appreciate all of you who made it out for another great view of Mars! I hope that the experience was one that will last a lifetime, just as it was for me. Thanks!

On the morning of August 27th, at 04:51 am, my eye will be looking at Mars through my telescope. This moment in history will be a rare and exciting thing, something I've been looking forward to for nearly a full year. I would like to take this opportunity to invite the members of AOAS as well as the general public to come up to Coleman Observatory, and join me for this once-in-a-lifetime event.
By the wee early hours of that morning, the sky should be as steady and clear as it can be. We in the central part of the US will have the opportunity that folks on the eastern seaboard will not have, that being the exact moment of closest approach happening during complete darkness. The east coast will be seeing dawn breaking at that time, and for folks west of us that moment will occur an hour earlier in each successive time zone. Remember that for at least half of the planet, (the other side of the world) neither amateurs nor professional astronomers will be able to witness this golden moment.
If you would like to share this rare feeling with other amateurs, download our <a href="http://www.aoas.org/staticpages/index.php?page=20030619082738924">map to Coleman Observatory</a> and make plans to join us here at the observatory that evening and morning. Everyone is welcome. Even if you just wake up early and set up your telescope in your own yard, don't let this wonderful opportunity pass you by.
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I\'ll be there!
Authored by: dgrosvold onWednesday, August 06 2003 @ 12:36 am EDT
This is a chance not only of a lifetime, but for all of recorded history! Mars will never be closer to us than it is right now. I hope everyone can at least make it out for a while on the night of August 26th, even if you can\'t stay until morning!

Dave Grosvold
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