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Friday, December 04 2020 @ 03:41 pm EST

AOAS Founding Member Dale Hall Receives First "David Gibbs Achievement Award"

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From left: Joe Roam, Dale Hall, Bob Moody
On Friday evening,October 17, 2003 Dale Hall became the first AOAS member to receive the Society's very first award. Dale is a founding member of AOAS and has served as Public Relations officer since the club formed on January 15, 1985.

The "David Gibbs Achievement Award" also honors one of our own past members, who passed away suddenly in 1999. David Gibbs was another outstanding member of the Society. David had an uncanny way of seeing things from other points of view, which always kept us "on track" in our executive committee meetings, and when we made decisions concerning the club and our activities. He was our "rock," which kept us anchored to reality. This award will be our eternal recognition of his support and dedication to AOAS.

David Gibbs
The award is a way for Society members to honor any outstanding efforts that benefit AOAS. While this first award honors the dedication and unfaltering supportof Mr. Hall in his nearly 19 years of service to the Society, the award may also be presented to members of the public outside of AOAS membership. On occasion, we have had quite extraordinary contributions by non-members who helped the Society in substantial ways. In the future, this award may be presented to others who are not AOAS members.

Dale Hall has been an exemplary member of AOAS. His dedication to the Society is enviable by all other members who will forever strive to attain the same dedication shown by Dale. He is also quite an accomplished observer of the skies, and his love of astronomy dates back to his childhood. He is a most valued member of the Society, and with this award, the Arkansas Oklahoma Astronomical Society says, Thanks, Dale!
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AOAS Founding Member Dale Hall Receives First "David Gibbs Achievement Award"
Authored by: dgrosvold onTuesday, November 04 2003 @ 02:53 am EST
Hear, Hear! I can't think of a more deserving recipient of this award. Dale Hall has been a stalwart and loyal supporter of AOAS since the very beginning. Dale is also probably the most knowledgeable member of the club, though he doesn't show it off. Congratulations Dale!

Dave - Greenwood, AR

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