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Friday, December 04 2020 @ 03:12 pm EST

Good Heavens or How it all began for me

Backyard AstronomyGood Heavens or How it all began for me
A Cosmic tale by Charley McLane

As a kid growing up in Fort Smith, Arkansas we were blessed with clear dark skies and a neighbor who didnít mind our strangeness being conducted in their yard where the building contractor had bulldozed the elms and the oaks so as to speed construction of a duplex. My dadís uncle had filled his mind with tales of mythology and the constellations. Later in WWII he had used this knowledge to refer to people and events along with a supposed time of writing to secretly convey where they were stationed across North Africa and into Italy. Sputnik went up and I forgot about 57 Chevyís and turned my eyes skyward. My dad made charts of orbital times and visibility. Next thing I knew we had a globe with an orbital ring to aid viewing footprint plotting. We would lie on a sidewalk warmed from the day and while we waited for another orbit, my dad Clarke, would fill the time with knowledge passed down from the ancients. It was a great time, a kid, his dad and something out there.
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Good Heavens or How it all began for me
Authored by: dgrosvold onSaturday, April 03 2004 @ 06:40 am EST

Cool story Charley! It makes me remember my own time so long ago
with my brother and friends in the backyard in Montana looking at
pristine skies. Those black skies were so rich with stars that they
looked like clouds floating over us as we lay in our sleeping bags
wondering what was out there...

Dave - Greenwood, AR
Good Heavens or How it all began for me
Authored by: bobmoody onSunday, April 04 2004 @ 12:03 am EST
Charlie, that is a good story. In my writing classes, we strive for getting it down succinctly and thoroughly, and you did it very well. Now that we know you CAN write, we\'ll want at least an article a week.

Just kidding (about the 1/week)
Write us another one soon.........

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