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Last Basics of Astronomy Classes for Summer 2005

Education OutreachThe Arkansas Oklahoma Astronomical Society announces the summer schedule for classes in our Basics of Astronomy. These classes will be held at the club's Coleman Observatory located 8 miles NW of Van Buren, AR, on Tuesday OR Thursday evenings.

Update Notice: The July classes are filling up and begin July 5th and 7th. To attend the July classes, prospective students must PRE-register and payment must be received by July 2nd. Please call for more information on the July classes. Click on Coleman Observatory (in the Main Menu) for a map to the site.

These classes will be 5 weeks in length and class begins at 6:00 pm on the night of the student's choosing. There is a limit of 10 people to each class size, and there must be an adult attending with any students of at least 7 years of age and up to 17 years of age.

These classes will be the last offered until next summer, so make certain to contact us as soon as possible if you'd like to attend. These classes will begin on either Tuesday, July 5th, or Thursday, July 7th, and again will run for 5 weeks through August 2nd and August 4th. Students must PRE-register for these second classes and payment must be received through Coleman Observatory by July 2.

This will be the first time that books will be used for these Basics of Astronomy classes. Two wonderful books are available from DK publishers and will be included in the price of the class. The books are "Children's Night Sky Atlas" (96 pgs) and "Universe" (64 pgs), both by Eyewitness books. Don't let the 'Children' in the title fool you. Every adult will appreciate these classy stellar images and constellation figure overlays. They are simply the best way to show which stars belong to which constellation that I've ever seen. These books complement each other very well with the "Atlas" constellation images and star-fields helping you learn to identify by seeing, along with clear representations of the different types of telescopes and how to use them, the motions of the stars and planets, and MUCH more. The "Universe" gets more involved in the mechanics of astronomy by revealing how professional astronomers use major observatory telescopes to study the light from distant stars and galaxies by the process of spectroscopy.

NEW - The course Outline can be dowloaded from this URL: http://www.aoas.org/filemgmt/singlefile.php?lid=28.

Students will delve further into the science of astronomy with "Universe" and will be able to understand how we know, what we know about the universe. Stellar birth and death, clusters of stars, nebulae, novae and supernovae, as well as galaxies both singly or as members of huge clusters of galaxies will be covered.

Both books work well for ages 7 to adult. The books are not mandatory for the class, but are highly recommended for the utmost enjoyment and to gain the most knowledge available from these classes. MSRP for the "Atlas" is $19.99, and the MSRP for "Universe" is $15.99.

Classes will study all the material in both books by assignments of reading each week. Students will also be given "observing exercises" to do between class periods, and on each night that class meets, we will step outside to use one or more large telescopes for celestial viewing, and we'll also use a green laser pointer for constellation identification as weekly weather conditions permit. Students who might already own telescopes are encouraged to bring those telescopes with them each week. There is also an outline available for those who would like to see exactly what material will be covered. Click on the link above for the outline.

The costs for these classes will be $55 for single adult students, and you may add one or more children for $10 each.

The five remaining students of 7 who started the June "Basics of Astronomy" classes held at Coleman Observatory. From left, Miller Thornburg, Janet Ellis and son Cheston Ellis, Jeannie Stebner and Ed Wemmerus, who is holding Maia, the Coleman Observatory guard dog, and instructor Bob Moody at the next-to-last meeting on Thursday, June 23.
This price includes one set of books. Costs for single adults without the books will be $25 and then add children for $10 each. If an adult couple wishes to attend and uses only one set of books, they will pay only $65. Current members of AOAS will receive a discount of $10 off whichever of the above listed rates apply and pay only $5/child or a second adult. Costs for bringing your own books will be the same as the costs for no books. Sorry, but there will be no refunds after classes begin.

Members of AOAS have access to loaner telescopes (loaned for 1 month), a library of more than 160 books, invitations to all AOAS functions and activities, our bi-monthly AOAS newsletter (The Cosmic Citizen), plus membership in and (The Reflector) a quarterly newsletter from the nation-wide Astronomical League. Members also enjoy our newest benefit of membership which is 20% off all books from Books-A-Million. Memberships in AOAS increase to $40/year after January 1, 2006.

Contact Bob Moody (instructor) at Coleman Observatory to register for any of these classes or offers. You MUST pre-register for these classes and payment must be received through Coleman Observatory by July 2nd. You choose which night you wish to attend (either Tuesday OR Thursday) if you register early enough. Only 20 student positions are available for these second classes (10 per class night), so don't delay. Some seats are still available as of June 24th. We look forward to seeing you in these classes. Call (479)474-4740 (this # no longer in service), OR, click on my name above to email me in order to register and/or for more information. Payment should be made by money orders or checks only, and must be received by July 2nd.

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Basics of Astronomy Classes for Summer 2005
Authored by: Gerald Gentry onWednesday, June 01 2005 @ 01:31 am EDT
Donna and I took one of Bob's classes. We found Bob to be a great teacher and communicator.
and left us with a desire to know more.
And it didn't stop with the class, Bob is always willing to teach and help any way he can.
You will find Bob to be a great teacher and friend,
and will not be sorry you attended his class.

Gerald & Donna Gentry

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