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Wednesday, May 18 2022 @ 06:53 am EDT

AOAS Member Mike Holloway Contributes to Deep Impact

Astro ImagingMike Holloway observes and images from his home observatory north of Van Buren, Arkansas. With his 4" Takahashi FSQ-106 refractor and an SBIG ST-2000 CCD camera piggybacked on a Meade fork mounted SCT, he regularly submits images that garner world recognition. One of his most impressive feats to date is to have his image of Deep Impact Comet 9P/Temple1 from July 29, 2005 shown on the Deep Impact website. He has actually made quite a number of submissions to the overall effort on Deep Impact.
Periodic Comet 9/P Temple 1 on July 29, 2005. The comet has settled back down from it's flare-up just before, during and immediately after the Impactor craft slammed into the leading edge of Temple 1 on the evening of July 3-4 just three weeks earlier. Mike tracked on the comet making the stars trail in this image which appears in the Deep Impact website.

Mike loves comets! * That's what I said in the first article I wrote about him many months ago, and he hasn't slowed down one iota in his quest to image every available comet that swings around the Sun if at all possible, and there aren't very many that he misses. I just received this notice today about his image from July 29 appearing on the Deep Impact website and wanted to once again brag a little on the most successful astrophotographer in AOAS!

Observations of Temple 1 were made by amateur and professional astronomers from around the world during this historic first-of-its-kind mission from NASA. The Deep Impact website lists some impressive numbers of observers as well as their inclusion of Mike's image which they chose to use for a comparison to another set of four images. (To go directly to this page) Click here

I believe that Mike Holloway is in the process of making quite a name for himself in the world of astrophotography. I encourage everyone to leave a comment on Mike's achievements by clicking on "comment" at the bottom of this story. Whether you're an AOAS member, or a visitor from another country, please help us all show how much we respect Mike's work and how proud we are that he's one of our own! Make a comment now.

*Click on that first statement to see my first article on Mike.

"Comets on the Doorstep...." Here is another AOAS web story with more images and LOTS of links to Mike's and other comet watchers imaging handywork from around the world. ENJOY!
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