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Summer Astronomy Classes Offered by AOAS

Education Outreach"Astronomy for Beginners" and "Astronomy for Elementary Teachers" classes are being offered by AOAS this summer.

Learn the basics of Astronomy this summer. Choose either the "Astronomy for Beginners" or if you're a teacher of 4th 5th or 6th graders, take our "Astronomy for Elementary Teachers" class. Classes start July 11.
The Arkansas Oklahoma Astronomical Society (AOAS) will offer summer classes in the Basics of Astronomy for the general public, and additionally for the first time, a special class for area Elementary School Teachers specifically for grades 4 thru 6. All classes will be four weeks in length and will begin July 11.

“Astronomy for Beginners” will be a general information class in the basics of the science of astronomy, but focusing on the hobby of amateur astronomy more specifically. Students will “learn by doing” things such as by learning how to identify constellations, how to distinguish planets from normal stars in the night sky, and a very generalized understanding of how the universe works. This course is heavy on observing and students will observe each week of class and will discover how to use telescopes or binoculars and the different types of telescopes and binoculars, what to expect from a telescope, and what NOT to expect from a telescope. A book is recommended for the class, and the student is encouraged to purchase either of the two books suggested below, or both books if they so desire. The book(s) are not required for the class and even if no book is used students will still learn a great deal each week. A computer and Internet connection will also be very helpful but is not required. Every student will receive a CD-ROM of more than 200 space images from Hubble Space Telescope, and simple star charts of several constellations to help them identify these constellations on their own.

“Astronomy for Elementary Teachers” will focus on how Elementary School Teachers can supplement their classes with a basic knowledge of how astronomy relates to other science topics such as Physics, Chemistry, Geology, even Biology and Mathematics. However, there will be no mathematical requirements expected in these classes. These classes for teachers will specifically address the Arkansas State Requirements as set forth in the Benchmarks for Education. “Teacher” students will learn how to help their own students become involved with several hands-on activities that will help reinforce what their own textbooks cover in astronomy.

Click "read more" for the rest of the information on these classes.

The extra cost of these teacher's classes covers a greater number of handouts each week designed to assist the teachers by reminding them of ways to help present astronomical concepts to their own classes. The same books recommended for the “Beginner's” class may also be used for these classes, but attending teachers may instead opt to use their own textbooks. This option is actually encouraged. Continued contact and cooperation with the instructor is also encouraged after classes end. Every teacher will also receive a CD-ROM of more than 200 space images from Hubble Space Telescope, PLUS several PowerPoint presentations for use in class. Teacher students will also receive simple star charts of several constellations to help them identify these constellations on their own.

All these classes will be held at the AOAS' Coleman Observatory facility located 8 miles NW of Van Buren. Class size is limited to no more than 10-12 students for each section of either course, and we will add as many extra sections as may be needed due to response.

.Classes will be held on Tuesday evenings for the Beginner's classes, and on Thursday evenings for the Teacher's classes. If response requires, up to four weeknights may be utilized. All classes will begin at 7:00pm and run for two hours each night, with observing following each class (as weather permits) for up to an additional two hours each night.

The instructor is Bob Moody, president of AOAS, and caretaker at Coleman Observatory. Mr. Moody has taught well over 500 students in his more than 20 years of offering classes such as these . He has also been a presenter at dozens of area Elementary Schools over the last 22 years and has presented to more than 30,000 students and adults during this time.

The “Astronomy for Beginners” classes will be for anyone with an interest in what astronomy is who wishes to learn more about the night sky. The cost for these classes will be $20 per student. Parents may add their children OR A SPOUSE OR FRIEND at $10 per child/spouse/friend. Beginner's starts on July 11th.

The “Astronomy for Elementary Teachers” will be geared towards helping teachers with specific needs associated with Arkansas Benchmarks in Education for $25 per student. Teachers may add their own children or spouse at $10 per child/spouse. Teacher's classes begin July 13th. Reservations are required at least one week before classes begin, and may be made by check or money order.

AOAS members receive a 25% discount on all classes as a benefit of membership.

For more information, please contact the instructor preferably by email at: bobmoody@aoas.org. , or by phone at (479) 474-4740 (this # no longer in service) during daytime hours.

Reserve your seat by making payment to AOAS, and payment MUST be received at least one week before class begins. Make checks or money orders payable to AOAS, and mail to:

Coleman Observatory

5533 Wildwood Rd

Van Buren, AR 72956

Recommended books are: “Children's Night Sky Atlas” by DK Publishers written by Robin Scagell $19.95 (list price) which is filled with constellation charts which will be very useful for both adults and children to learn from, and/or Eyewitness Books “Universe” by DK Publishers written by Robin Kerrod $15.99 (list price) which contains more information on the workings of the universe such as stars, how and where stars form, what happens when stars “die”, and lots more. Both books will be valuable for several years of learning about astronomy.

Both of these books listed above are available from Books-A-Million in Ft Smith.

* Members of AOAS get a 20% discount on these and all purchases at B-A-M as a benefit of membership. Joining AOAS will help save on the classes, and on these books for the classes. New members join an energetic and outgoing group of about 40 amateurs dedicated to promoting the science of astronomy to the people of western Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma.

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Summer Astronomy Classes Offered by AOAS
Authored by: Astronomy Guy onSaturday, June 10 2006 @ 09:29 am EDT
If your an old hand or a newbie to astronomy, the astronomy classes are definitely worth your time. Bob presents astronomy in an exciting and fun way. He's never too hurried to answer any question or find an answer if he doesn't know. I have been interested in astronomy most of my life but never gave it the time it deserves. When I attended Bob's class that enthusiasm and excitement were re-ignited. I'll never regret taking that class, and I have made so many new friends, Bob included. Do yourself a favor, escape from the normal and embark on an adventure that will take you out of this world and last a lifetime. Welcome to the unlimited adventure of a lifetime - exploring the universe.

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