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Diamond Bar G Ranch Star Camp - Oct 21 - 23, 2011

Satellite view of Diamond Bar G Ranch
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The Arkansas/Oklahoma Astronomical Society would like to invite you all to a weekend of observing and fun at the Diamond Bar G Ranch Star Camp located west of Fayetteville, Arkansas. The Star Camp is scheduled to be held the weekend of Oct 21 - 23. While it may conflict with other star parties this fall, this is the only weekend that the Diamond Bar G Ranch will be available for an event of this type that is not during a full moon. Since the RRAC's Burger Burn events will not be held this year, AOAS thought this might make a nice alternative.

The Diamond Bar G Ranch Star Party is a casual event with no registration fees and no planned schedule, other than a pot luck dinner on Friday evening, Oct 21st. We will not be having speakers or any other type of program. The purpose of the event is to do observing in a fairly dark-sky location without a lot of time devoted to other pursuits.

The observing field is wide so there is a clear view to the south and east, with low tree lines to the north and west. The Diamond Bar G Ranch is located in the Bortle Class 2 (blue) Zone, so light pollution is minimal. There are light domes from both Fayetteville in the NE and Van Buren / Fort Smith in the south but they are not obtrusive, and are usually only visible when there is cloud cover. The Milky Way is easily visible with the naked eye on clear nights.

Mulberry Mountain Star Party 2010
Primitive camping is available on-site. We don't have a nice clubhouse yet, but we will rig up the big party tent for the pot luck on Friday, and porta-potties will be available. The Star Camp will run for two evenings, Friday afternoon through Sunday morning.

There are three sets of 30 AMP and two sets of 20 AM RV hookups near the ranch house, so RVs will be fine, however we will not have enough water hookups for everyone, but there will be water available for those who want to camp. The Diamond Bar G Ranch has a nice big 5-acre field we can set up in for observing. The field however, does not have any electricity, so you’d need batteries to run scopes, etc. You can use RV hookups to recharge during the day if needed.

You will be on your own for food and drinks for the weekend with the exception of the potluck supper on Friday evening. If you will be here on Friday, be sure to bring a covered dish. Dave and Lora Grosvold, ranch owners, will be hosting a continental breakfast on Sunday morning in the ranch house. After breakfast, they will hold a brief worship service in the ranch house for those who wish to attend.

The Diamond Bar G Ranch is located SW of Fayetteville on Washington County Rd 3, a paved road off of Arkansas HWY 45 between Morrow and Evansville. The 911 address for the Diamond Bar G Ranch is 18966 Hale Mountain Rd, Canehill, AR 72717. Click on the following link to show the location on Google Maps.

The best way to reach us if you're coming from anywhere on or south of I-40 is to drive to Van Buren, take Exit 5 to Arkansas Highway 59 N, and then follow Hwy 59 for 29 miles to Evansville. Turn right at the Post Office in Evansville onto Washington County Rd 3 (Hale Mountain Rd,) and then follow that for 6 miles to Diamond Bar G Ranch. If you're coming from Fayetteville or anywhere N of Devils Den State Park, take US Hwy 62 from Fayetteville through Prairie Grove to Arkansas Hwy 45. Turn left at Hwy 45 and go through Canehill, then Clyde, and go another 2.5 miles to Washington County Rd 3 (Hale Mountain Rd.) Turn left on County Rd 3 and go through Morrow, then 3.0 miles further on Hale Mountain Rd to Diamond Bar G Ranch. Signs will be posted.

If the weather doesn't cooperate, but you want to just have a place to come camp and relax, come on anyway! We'll have a good time either way.

Please RSVP if you plan to attend, so that we can plan for an approximate number for the weekend. To RSVP or for questions, e-mail AOAS President Dave Grosvold or call 479-848-0125.
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