Subject: FOR SALE Meade LX-200 12” + tons of extras

Posted on: November 08 2011 @ 04:22 pm


Meade LX-200 12” Schmidt-Cassegrain and all the equipment, mounts and extras from the Steve cox RTO observatory located north of Van Buren, Arkansas. I was last active as part of the Deep Impact Project. I was a member of AOSA back in 2005. I have worked many hours with Mike Holloway, and I was most active in Comets. Mike is familiar with my observatory and has worked in it. Many of my photos from this observatory can still be found on the web by quarrying “RTO observatory”, or “Rocky Top Observatory”. I now spend most of my spare time as an armature archeologist, and historian, so it’s time to sell some things I do not expect to use again. All equipment listed is in excellent condition. I can be reached at, Steve Cox 479-474-4442
Meade 12” LX-200 Schmidt-Cassegrain Classic telescope
SBIG CCD camera, CFW 8A, Model 2000 XM, with additional cooling
Meade 416 XT digital camera and 201 XT auto guider, with Hard case
Meade 616 Electronic Color wheel, W/RGB, Moon, Nebula, and RED Comet filter
JMI Digital Readout electronic focuser, and Meade Orientation adapter
Meade Electronic focuser, with custom built brake and controller
Heavy duty LX-200 Meade tripod and custom built metal fixed pedestal
Meade LX-200 Carrying case and original shipping box, and custom dust cover
Meade Supper Wedge at present, fitted to the Pedestal mount
DC scope adapter and two additional DC power supplies for the accessories
Meade Dew shield and Kendrick DC Dew remover
Tel Rad Reflex spotter and Meade factory spotter scope
Model CK 2, Digital Astronomy clock and 3 Hand held star guides
Meade T Adapter and Minolta SLR T-Ring adapter
Meade Off axis guider, and 9mm Reticle Eye piece & cable
Meade #140 2-X Barlow lens, 8-24 Zoom eye piece, and 4.7 UWA Eye piece
Meade Eyepieces, 44mm SP, 40mm, ME 9mm, 2 each 1 ¼” Extensions & 1 adjustable
Meade F/6.3 Reducer, F/3.3 Focal Reducer, 2” Diagonal Mirror
Added Software packages, Guide 8,Sky EPOCH, CSAT Satellite Tracking
Books, Handbook of astronomical image processing, Barry, and 14 more books
Various cables and manuals, and some things I am sure I forgot to mention


Re: FOR SALE Meade LX-200 12” + tons of extras

Posted on: November 10 2011 @ 03:03 pm
By: tricks46


I am sure sorry to hear of you leaving the hobby. Seems like just a couple of years age that we spent lots of hours learning the imaging process on the most difficult objects there are. Combining my film images with your ccd shots to come out with a hybred that was very hard to do. A ST2000xm is still one of my cameras I use often when I get tired of the chip blooming of the ST10xmei ccd. Remember in the future if you want to experience imaging the first time a comet comes around please feel free to come on over to the observatory. You are not that far from my location. That goes for any of the AOAS members.
Talk to you later and good luck with your newest hobbie.
Mike H. Smile

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