Subject: Meade LX-200 Tripod Mounting Accessories

Posted on: August 18 2015 @ 08:41 pm
By: nspace01


For anyone who has setup a Meade LX-200 (any model) in alt/az mode, (not equatorial mode), you know how hard it is to aline the telescope base with the tripod top to get the mounting screw centered, so it will screw into the telescope base while holding the heavy scope up.

At several star parties I have had a very hard time (unsuccessful) getting the club LX200 GPS setup.

The main problem was that the scope's base screw hole needed re-threaded. This solved part to the problem.

The second problem was alinement, i.e., getting the base screw into the scope mounting hole.

After a little research on the Internet, I found two things that seems to fix the mounting problems:

Alinement Table

An Alinement Table is simply a piece of metal, plastic or plywood that is mounted to the top of the tripod top using existing factory drilled holes. A 3/4" hole is drilled in the center for the tripod mounting screw. The alinement table is larger in diameter than the tripod top, and 3 bolts are positioned on the top, left and right sides of the alinement table.

With the scope mounted, the bolts are positioned against the outer perimeter of the outer scope base and tightened. This makes alinement of the scope base to the tripod top much quicker and easier.

"Springy Thingy" (I didn't name it!!)

A "Springy Thingy" consists of 3 springs, a 1/2" washer and nut that connects to the tripod center screw and the tripod top via the springs, to push the tripod mounting screw up through the center hole in the tripod top and to make it have downward springiness. Helps to make it much easier to mount the scope to the tripod.

If anyone would like to fabricate either of these LX-200 tripod accessories, let me know and I will email you the CAD drawings and all info you need to make and install.


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