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Sunday, May 19 2019 @ 03:38 am EDT

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 Ar.Times Magazine Article About Light Pollution in Arkansas
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Wade Van Arsdale
 Thursday, December 18 2008 @ 10:32 pm EST (Read 2299 times)  
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Long way to go, but at least we've made a dent.


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 Friday, December 19 2008 @ 12:37 am EST  
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Outstanding article, guys! Way to go!!!


Bob Moody
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 Saturday, December 20 2008 @ 03:59 pm EST  
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This article highlights one of the major stumbling blocks we're facing when fighting light pollution. Our governments would rather legislate stupid things like the mandatory use of CFLs, forcing us to buy $6.00 lightbulbs. They would rather todo that than take the bull by the horns and regulate the rates that utilities can charge for shielded lighting, "We can't afford the rates they charge!" -- that kind of whining is ludicrous. These same governments are the ones who dictate the rates! If they were serious, they'd fix that instead of using it as an excuse to get through the current loopholes. The ONLY way we can put pressure on the municipal, county, and state governments is through negaive press. LOTs of it. This ariicle makes that very clear.

I LOVE the statement made buy the owners of the shopping center sign "It's legal, and we've done everything we can to accommodate those residents." They most certainly have not. Turning down the brightness of the sign slightly after 10:00 PM isn't much of an effort. They should be sued for light trespass. Even if I can legally grow a tree on my property, if it encroaches on my neighbor's property and causes him damage in some way, I'll be held liable for that damage. I guarantee it. Light trespass is no different.

Wade and JIm - you are to be commended for getting the word out and making at least an initial start in Arkansas. Excellent effort!

Dave - Morrow, AR
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Wade Van Arsdale
 Saturday, December 20 2008 @ 05:06 pm EST  
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Thanks, Bob. I agree 100% with you Dave. I wouldn't be suprised if a class action light trespass lawsuit will follow regarding that LED sign from the
neighborhood residents mentioned in the article if the sign owner doesn't take stronger action to curb his light trespass.

One thing I would also like to do is start showing up at the PSC hearings and asking for more options on shielded fixtures and bulb types from
Entergy, along with presenting them numbers that show how clearly out of line Entergy is on their shielded fixture prices. They simply don't want to
increase their inventory expense....it has nothing to do with what they said in the Times article about "they carry what they get requests for". Our
contact at City of Little Rock was very clear that 100W HPS, *NOT* the 150W HPS bulbs was the very FIRST thing they worked with Entergy in a test
project on Mara Lynn Drive here in L.R. So what does Entergy do? Instead of putting them in a fixture that was properly matched, they put them in
fixtures not even designed for that type of bulb. They leaked more light than an unshielded fixture would have and the neigbors considered it a
nuisance and demanded the "old" style of lights be put back in. Either through their own stupidity, or intentional malfeasance, Entergy's actions
insured the failure of this first test in L.R. with shielded fixtures and lower-wattage 100W HPS bulbs!!

Entergy is also charging $88 for a shielded fixture when other private utility companies right here in our own state charge from only $35 down
to NOTHING extra!! That's right, nothing (SWEPCO in Eureka Springs). These are all improprieties by Entergy that need to be stopped immediatley
by the PSC. And if they won't do it, we plan to apply whatever pressure we can to the state legislature to put more oversight on the PSC and make
them explain WHY they are letting Entergy get away with this kind of stuff.

There is a lot of work to be done. We are up against it because we are the "little guy", going up against the big corporate lawyers and political
spin-doctors. So the best thing is just what the article said.....educate the public about these unfair business practices and the price-gouging by Entergy. If enough people get mad enough about it, maybe the politicians can be persuaded to make some changes in the way Entergy is allowed to do business by ripping off the people of Arkansas.


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