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 Meade ETX 60AT
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Keith Bibbs
 Tuesday, September 20 2005 @ 11:38 am EDT (Read 7264 times)  
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I was thinking of Getting a ETX 60 from Walmart here in fort Smith I was thinking of Useing it as Guide Base for my 35mm Cannon AV1 and shootin in like 28mm to 135mm Wide feild Photos with it I know that I would have to Get a Wedge for it and would Hvae to Make or come with a Piggy back mount for it I was Just Hopeing that the Drive would Push it and the Camera to any thoughts Guys on this some help would be Greatly welcome here.

OOOO and if anyone Has a Old Eq Mount or a Drive MOunt thats EQ and would like to Sell it I would Be very Interested in one Thanks Keith

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 Thursday, September 22 2005 @ 06:11 pm EDT  
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Keith, and also to everyone else thinking of buying a telescope from WalMart. My best and most earnest suggestion is DO NOT EVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, BUY A TELESCOPE OF ANY SIZE FROM WALMART. Period!

First off, Wal Mart doesn't sell them, it's the optical shop in Wal Mart that has sole control of them. The scopes are the cheapest, most undesireable telescopes I have ever seen. We almost did a deal with the optical shop last Christmas and we were shocked at the lousy construction and poor workmanship of every telescope we saw from them. For the same amount of money that they want for the bigger one (about $275-$300) you can get a telescope of great quality and gathers nearly 5 times more light for the same $300.

I could never, ever recommend anyone ever buy a telescope from the optical shop at WalMart. It's buyer beware, and for all those who've bought one and wished they hadn't, all I can say is you should have asked someone who knows about telescopes first. There's not one single thing good that I can say about what they carry.

PLEASE, do NOT buy one of those telescopes. You WILL regret it.

Bob Moody
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Anonymous: TexasJagsFan
 Sunday, September 25 2005 @ 01:30 am EDT  

Yes, never ever buy one from there.

I bought one from there once, it was okay for looking at the moon and that was it. It was a piece of crap. Meade should be ashamed of themselves for their quality of those products.

 Tuesday, September 27 2005 @ 01:52 am EDT  
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Hi, Jon.

Let's not put down Meade telescopes as a whole. The Meade scopes that the optical shops carry might have been ordered to the exact specifications of what they are specifically for that customer. We all know Meade telescopes are the world's biggest sellers and are top-rate, but the ones that are carried by the optical shops in the WalMart stores are NOT the normal Meade quality.

Granted, Meade shouldn't allow their name on anything like what we're talking about here, and I don't know the specifics of why it's that way. All we want to do is recommend people NOT buy the Meade scopes that are sold in WalMart stores by the optical shop. There's nothing wrong with the front line Meade telescopes and/or accessories widely sold around the world from telescope dealers.

This advice not to buy Meade scopes from the WalMart optical shops is simply that, and that alone.

(personally, I'd be happy with ANY Meade scope from a reputable dealer)

Bob Moody
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Anonymous: kc2iyh
 Tuesday, January 10 2006 @ 02:11 pm EST  

I own the Meade ETX 60AT-BB and I like it. I don't expect to see the farthest galaxies with it but I feel like I can accomplish the Messier and Herschel Challenges with it. I already saw detail on the moon I never saw with any other scope I have owned. It last night was better, I would have taken a second look at Saturn and mars. I dodnt get mine from Wal-Mart, but I enjoy it nonetheless. I know Walmart has sold some crappy ones and I saw some crappy ones there too, but when i saw they were carrying the ETX 60, i was a bit surprised. Then i was less surprised when the sales lady at the optical shop said they ordered them special for Christmas and they did not sell like they hoped. After this batch is sold, they will not order more. Could she just be trying to make a sell, maybe. But from my experience with this scope, it is alright. It isn't an ETX 125 or ETX 90, but it is worth it, especially with the backpack to take to remote locations with less light pollution.

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