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Amateur Telescope Making

  • Bob May's ATM Pages (977)
    Bob May is one of the leading ATMers around. His pages have lots of great ATM info, articles and links.
  • David Gault's Astronomy Page (925)
    David's pages cover his efforts in amateur telescope making and Observational Astronomy. His pages have good info on building both a 10" scope and a very nice homemade German Equatorial Mount.
  • Jan van Gastel's Astonomy Page (949)
    Jan van Gastel is another long-time ATMer from the Netherlands who has accumulated quite a bit iof valuable knowledge. He now shares it with us in English via these web pages.
  • Little Dipper Telescope (1,215)
    Interesting article on building an open-tube Dobsonian based on the designs of Albert Highe
  • Mirror-O-Matic (847)
    Want to grind your own mirrors? Don't want to wear your arms out? try building one of these mirror grinding machines. Plans and instructions for the ATM.
  • Nils Olaf Carlin - Hacksaw Spider (964)
    Nils Olaf carlin's interesting article on bulign a secondary spider for a Newtonian using hacksaw blades. Nils is the author of the seminal treatise on Newtonian Collimation using a barlowed laser.
  • Nils Olaf Carlin - Newtonian Collimation (955)
    Nils Olaf Carlin's breakthrough paper on Newtonian Collimation using a barlowed laser. This is valuable information even if you don't own a Newt. it'll help you understand collimation in other scope species as well.
  • Optical Ed's (649)
    Free interferometric testing of primary and secondary, equatorial platforms, solar projection
  • Shane LaPierre's ATM Pages (701)
    Shane has several interesting articles on his ATM projects on his web site.
  • Star Astronomy's ATM Pages (733)
    S*T*A*R has an active ATM (Amateur Telescope Making) group. They have several articles and links to resources that are useful if you are interested in learning more about telescope making,

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