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Amateur Telescope Making

  • Stellafane Amateur Telescope Making (930)
    Stellafane is one of the oldest goups of ATM types in the US. his is where Russell Porter got started. Stellafane's annual event is the mecca for amateur telescope makers. They have a large number of pages devoted to great ATM projects and how-tos.
  • Steve Lee's Astronomy Page (417)
    Steve Lee is a night assistant at the Anlgo-Australian Observatory in New South Wales. His page has info on his work and his hobbies - building telescopes and CCD imaging.
  • Steve Vegos Astronomy Pages (451)
    Steve Vegos' pages cover his interests in Amateur Astronomy and ATMing. Includes an interesting 10" Truss Dob of minimalist design.
  • The ATM Site (525)
    Home of the ATM list and Ray Tracing list, two of the oldest AMT e-mail lists going. This is where you can chat with the most well-known ATMs in the country. More helpful information and advice for telescope makers than you can get anywhere else at any price.
  • The ATM's Workshop (386)
    Amateur Telescope Makers (ATMs or TNs [Telescope Nuts] for short) are a varied lot. Our workshops often reflect that diversity. In our quest for that perfect telescope, we resort to building some or all of the components ourselves. ATMing can span the gamut from building everything yourself to just making modifications or accessories for your favorite manufacturer's product. ATMing as a hobby allows you to bring your own unique ideas, skills, and talents from other hobbies to the forefront. In this way, you may enjoy the pleasure of working at a combination of several of your hobbies at the same time.
  • The Equatorial Platform (566)
    Got a dob? Want to make it track? This is one site devoted to how to build your own Equatorial Platform (Poncet mount.)
  • Tom Krajci's Minimalist Dob Pages (551)
    Major Tom Krajci, USAF, is another well-known ATM. This pages covers his minimalist dob, which saw second light at the Mount Magazine Star Party in 1998, whicl om was stationed in Little Rock. Lots of interesting ideas here.

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