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  • A Guide to Space Exploration (1,626)
    Space exploration has been a dream of humankind since the day that astronomer Giordano Bruno suggested the existence of other planets beyond the Earth's solar system in the 16th century.

    Although this may seem like an unlikely venue for astronomy resources, this web page on OrlandoFunTickets.com lists several good resources for those interested in the History of Space Exploration and its implications for the future.
  • All Engineering Schools (1,674)
    All Engineering Schools makes it easy to find the engineering colleges that interest you. Search for engineering schools by location, program type, or specialty.
  • Astronomy Education Review (1,335)
    A lively electronic compendium of Research, News, Resources, and Opinion.

    Welcome to the Astronomy Education Review! Our goal is to design a site that makes it easy to find, read about, and use new ideas and resources for teaching and outreach in astronomy and space sciences.

  • Online PhD Programs in Education (1,431)
    The site features comprehensive and informative resource that systematically sorts out the available PhD programs in Education available today in the U.S. I think this information is very valuable to students especially to those who may consider pursuing advanced degrees and training in education.
  • Online University (1,143)
    Online University is a great resource for higher education students and others looking for a comprehensive overview of different academic pursuits today.
  • Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy Web Site (1,740)
    To go along with our topic section on "Myths and Legends", Phil Plait's BadAstronomy.com website is a MUST have in our links exchange. I should have added this long before now. Learn how to help people understand how the Moon Landings were NOT fake, that the close passages of Mars do NOT get as big as the moon, and that pictures of the Helix nebula is NOT the Eye of God Almighty.

    Call a fake a fake, a myth a myth, and a bogus emails "trash"! Send everyone to Bad Astronomy and let Phil help you convince them what is true and what is false.

    Thank God for Phil Plait!
  • StarChild (1,320)
    StarChild is a NASA program targeted at young astonomers. The site has a wealth of information and activities for young people.
  • Students for the Explorate and Development of Space (1,287)
    SEDS is a website that contains a lot of astronomy information including information on all the Messier objects and a complete catalog on NGC and IC objects.

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