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  • Amazing-Space (1,380)
    Amazing-Space is a collection of online interactive educational resources for grades K-12 developed by educators and scientists. Using spectacular Hubble images, students explore the universe while learning the principles of math and science.
  • Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive (3,515)
    APOD Archives, more than 4,000 pictures available over the 11 years of operations of APOD gives images from Hubble Space Telescope, Spitzer Space Telescope, Chandra X-Ray Observatory, even from local amateur astronomers. A MUST_SEE site.
  • GALEX (1,801)
    Galaxy Evolution Explorer is NASA's mission to map the Universe in ultraviolet light to reveal how galaxies evolve over billions of years. See many well-known and popular galaxies in a different light and compare to how they look in visible wavelengths. A NASA/JPL mission in collaboration with CalTech.
  • HST Exhibit (1,010)
    This is a companion site to Hubble Space Telescope: New Views of the Universe, a Smithsonian traveling exhibition, this website takes visitors on a journey into Hubble's amazing universe through cool pictures, interactives, and movies
  • Hubble Heritage Site (1,296)
    THE place for the finest Hubble images. There are Hubble Space Telescope images, and then there are Hubble Heritage images.
  • HubbleSite.org (1,183)
    Hubble Site dot ORG is a compendium of other websites, all devoted to the science, the hardware, and the ever-improving imaging capabilities of the greatest telescope the world has ever known. Hubble Space Telescope will undergo one final servicing mission from the Space Shuttle which will give the veteran "Eye-in-the-Sky" its last, and potentially its most important upgrade before it is replaced by the next generation of space-based telescopes, the James Webb Space Telescope. Once its final mission tasks are completed, a small strap-on motor pack will fire its engine to insure that HST will fall back into the Earth's atmosphere into the ocean, likely the Pacific off the cost of Chile. See it all, and you'll have a vast wealth of information about astronomy and our little corner of the Milky Way galaxy. Its a GREAT site that you will return to time and time again, I promise......bm
  • NASA Constellation - The Next NASA Spaceships (1,051)
    New videos available about the next generation of NASA Manned Spacecraft. Lots of info about the launch vehicles, destinations, and "Why We Explore".
  • NASA Home (1,013)
    Here are AOAS links to NASA Home and a host of popular NASA sites for missions both planned and in operation, as well as past missions. Want to know about a NASA topic? Check here first!
  • NASA MRO-Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (1,375)
    MRO, NASA's newest mission to Mars. When fully operational (after current aerobraking maneuvers finish circularizing its orbit) will bring scientists the most detailed and spectacular images from any spacecraft ever thru the new HiRISE camera. Several other highly advanced science instruments and the highest-speed download capability on any spacecraft to date. SPECTACULAR Mission!
  • Science@NASA (1,070)
    LOTS of information pertaining to the science, both serious and fun, which NASA studies on a regular basis. Sure to be a site you'll return to time and time again.

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