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  • American Association of Variable Star Observers (1,175)
    The AAVSO is dedicated to coordinating, evaluating, compiling, processing, and publishing variable star observations througout the world. Membership is open to anyone interested in varable stars and in contributing to the support of valuable research.
  • American Meteor Society (1,363)
    The AMS is a non-profit scientific organization established to encourage and support the research activities of both amateur and professional astronomers who are interested in the fascinating field of Meteor Astronomy. Affiliates observe, monitor, collect data on, study, and report on meteors, meteor showers, meteoric fireballs, and related meteoric phenomena.
  • Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers (938)
    The ALPO is devoted to the observation and study of our Solar System, and includes sections specializing in observations of The Moon, each of the planets, and minor bodies such as comets and asteroids. ALPO also conducts an observing training program for its members which is of great value in improving your observing skills, knowledge of instruments, and record keeping.
  • Astronomers Without Borders (840)
    Astronomers Without Borders, is a site that espouses to put forth the outrageous idea that we are all human, and we all enjoy the SAME SKY. And rightly so.....our sky is the exact same sky that is seen and enjoyed from all of Europe, Asia, the entire northern hemisphere down to around Brazil and Peru, since they are about as far south of the equator as we in middle America are north of the equator. There may easily be a significant portion of the public at large that has never stopped to ponder such things. The same sky that Iranians and Iraqis revere, is also our sky, as well as for northern Africans, Vietnamese, Micronesia, Siberia, and Tibet.

    No religious, ethnic, governmental or "human designated" borders are what the Astronomers Without Borders are about. An idea that brings all races, all beliefs, all of mankind together, as a single group known as homo sapiens, who all inhabit and share similar responsibilities as evolved inhabitants of this tiny rock located in the third orbit from our Sun, our star.

    Check it out. The mission of Astronomers Without Borders is much the same as our own mission, to share what we know and love about astronomy with all who wish to know more about the same. In the "brotherhood of mankind" say hello to a few of our "brothers" from around the world.
  • Astronomical League (1,131)
    The Astronomical League is an association of amatuer astronomy organizations and individuals who seek to promote the science of astronomy and to encourage an interest in amatuer astronomy throughout America. This is the organization resposible for developing the Messier Herschel, and Binocular Messier Certificat programs.
  • Astronomical Society of the Pacific (1,135)
    The Astronomical Society of the Pacific is an organization dedicated to promoting the science of astronomy in education and is probably the largest general stronomy society in the world. They offer a very large array of education products for teachers and other educators, as well as for the amatuer astronomer.
  • Australia Telescope Outreach and Education (1,220)
    The Australia Telescope Outreach and Education website aims to provide the media and the general public with information about the Australia Telescope National Facility. They also provide educational resources on many aspects of astronomy. Interesting!
  • carlsagan.com (993)
    Official page with articles, including the Baloney Detection Kit. Includes sale
    of books and videos.
  • eSelenology (875)
    On-line journal of the American Lunar Society. Log on for a free sample issue of eSelenology.
  • International Dark Sky Association (1,031)
    The IDA is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting dark skies through science and education. Their efforts advance the concepts of quality outdoor lighting, and build awareness about the problem of light pollution.

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