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  • AmSky Magazine (1,328)
    The on-line mega-magazine for amateur astronomy.

    On-line articles from websites and club newsletters from around the USA for, by, and about amateur astronomers.
  • Astronomy Magazine (2,298)
    Astronomy Magazine covers primarilty amateur astronomy, with features and articles designed to appeal to the beginning and intermediate astronomy enthusiast. Observing techniques, backyard astronomy, telescope and optical reviews, software, and amateur astrophotography are featured.
  • Night Sky Magazine (NO LONGER AVAILABLE) (987)
    Night Sky Magazine is for beginning and young amateur astronomers, although I thoroughly enjoy reading it myself. More advanced amateurs will surely find out something new that they'd never before known if they read it often enough. It is published bi-monthly, with new issues every Jan-Feb, Mar-Apr, May-Jun, Jul-Aug, Sep-Oct, and Nov-Dec. Subscriptions are reasonably priced at about $18/yr. Check them out by clicking on the link and see for yourself.
  • Sky And Telescope (1,150)
    Sky and Telescope is one of the top publications in astronomy. S&T includes in-depth coverage of latest observational techniques, equipment reviews, and science discoveries. Tecnhically oriented for the advanced amateur.
  • StarDate Magazine (1,126)
    StarDate is a non-profit publication of The University of Texas at Austin McDonald Observatory that contains sky watching tips, astronomy news and features, astronomy images, and sky charts. Our web site provides additional content including audio clips of our StarDate radio program, the longest-running national radio science feature in the country.
  • Year In Space Calendar (1,029)
    Year In Space offers stunning and unique calendars for your wall, desktop, or computer. You can also sign up to get a free weekly newsletter.

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