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  • 3Dlens.com (3,416)
    3Dlens.com provide optical science infomation such as fresnel lens, polarizer.
  • Archaeoastronomy (1,162)
    Archaeoastronomy's goal is to understand how skywatchers of the past fashioned and refined systems for regulating their primitive calendars and for memorializing celestial events, both cyclical and unique. Often they relied on sunlight and shadow plays striking and passing across targets and designs aligned with Equinox, Solstice and Cross Quarter sunrises and sunsets. Sometimes the celestial cycles of the moon, Venus and Mars captivated their attention, too. However, knowing seasonal durations and transitions was vital to success in hunting migratory prey, planting crops and harvesting them. Archaeoastronomy draws on several scientific disciplines, primarily astronomy, archaeology, anthropology, psychology and epigraphy, the decoding of ancient inscriptions.
  • Center for Archaeoastronomy (897)
    The Center was founded in 1978 at the University of Maryland to advance research, education and public awareness of archaeoastronomy. The journal of the Center, Archaeoastronomy, was started in 1977 and remains the only publication devoted exclusively to world archaeoastronomy and ethnoastronomy. We also published a quarterly newsletter called Archaeoastronomy & Ethnoastronomy News which has now become an online news service for this scientific community.
  • Chaco Canyon Culture (950)
    Chaco Canyon was a major center of Puebloan culture between AD 850 and 1250. The Chacoan sites are part of the homeland of Pueblo Indian peoples of New Mexico, the Hopi Indians of Arizona, and the Navajo Indians of the Southwest. This area is now managed by the National Park Service.
  • Heavens Above (1,187)
    Interesting site for satellite viewing data. Enter your location & you can find out when the Hubble passes overhead, the Iridium satellites, and other interesting celectial events.
  • Kirkpatrick Planetarium (1,162)
    Kirkpatrick Planetarium is part of the Kirkpatrick Science and Air Space Museum in the Omniplex in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Great programs, hands-on science museum, art/photo galleries, an OmniDome IMAX theater, a greenhouse & gardens, and the Oklahoma City Zoo make up the entire complex.
  • Meteors.com (1,240)
    Meteors.com provides meteor shower information and meteorite specimens to the public.
  • NEAR - Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (1,332)
    The NEAR project is dedicated to sending spacecraft to nearby asteroids to conduct long-term close-up study. NEAR seeks to answer fundamental questions about the nature and origin of the many asteroids and comets close to Earth's orbit.
  • Portable Planetariums (1,436)
    Porable Planetariums is a maker of low-cost, high quality protable planetariums for sschool and institutional use. Based in Buenos Aires, The company is a collaboration of Argentine and Russian associates who have teamed up to produce a unique product.
  • SETI@Home (4,567)
    SETI@Home is a scientific experiment that uses Internet-connected computers to engage in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). You can download a program and use it to help the thousands of other volunteers search the vast mountains of radio telescope data for candidate signals that might indicate the existence of an intelligence at work.

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