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What did you like least about this year's Mulberry Mountain Star Party? 6 12/03 11:02am No
What did you like best about this year's Mulberry Mountain Star Party? 7 12/03 11:01am No
What Class of Dark Sky do you regularly observe from? 8 06/22 12:01pm No
What aspect of amateur astronomy do you enjoy the most? 15 05/13 05:10pm No
What kind(s) or make(s) of equatorial or tracking mount do you own? 3 04/11 10:19am No
Which planetarium software do you like/use the most? 14 12/15 05:30pm No
!! NASA is turning 50 !! Aside from the moon landings, which of the following space missions have been the most important in your opinion? 11 07/25 03:28pm No
Each individual has their own idea as to what telescope TYPE is best for newcomers to astronomy. Would you recommend a refractor, a reflector, or a compound telescope like a MAK or an SCT? 18 03/31 07:20am No
China and India both are launching scientific missions to the Moon within the next year. The US Moon return missions will be at least 5 to 7 years away. How do you feel about mankind making attempts to establish long-term bases on the Moon? 45 12/12 08:48pm No
Our AOAS Discussion Forum allows everyone, members and non-members, to voice their opinions and ask questions regarding the hobby and science of Astronomy. How often do you view and/or post comments to your AOAS Discussion Forum section? 21 06/07 12:02am No
AOAS is considering holding a Messier Marathon in March 2007, and offering prizes for at least the top three marathoners based on the total number of objects observed in one night. Would you consider participating in a Messier Marathon? 29 02/11 05:50pm No
What do YOU think? Should Pluto be a planet or be classified as some NEW TYPE of object? 18 10/17 10:22pm No
Do you go out of your way to promote astronomy, or are your interests in astronomy on a more personal level? 34 08/26 01:36pm No
Which of these AOAS functions should we concentrate on most strongly? List in order of importance, 1= least, to 10= most. 0 08/11 05:07am No
Some like it hot, some like it cold. Which season do you prefer for most of your personal observing? 45 04/18 09:33pm No
The Planetary Society designed, built and attempted to launch COSMOS 1, the world's first solar sail spacecraft. That attempt failed, but a second attempt is being made. Do you support privately funded space projects? 16 12/18 03:14pm No
Your NEW and IMPROVED AOAS Website is now two-years-old. How are we doing? 19 09/29 01:01am No
Do you think we should save Hubble? 49 06/22 07:04pm No
Should AOAS join the International Dark Sky Association 28 02/16 04:58pm No
How many of you would like to see AOAS re-join the Astronomical League? 10 04/20 03:34pm No
What's your favorite type of observing? 29 02/01 12:35pm No
What new feature would you most want to see? 12 09/05 12:48pm No
What type of telescope do you use most often? 10 07/16 06:11pm No
Do you like the new AOAS.ORG site? 15 07/09 01:38pm No

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